Our Family

The Bergmann Family was established via the marriage of Brandy Nichole Bose and Jeremy Bergmann on June 27th, 2008. Together, they have three beautiful girls; Madeline (Born August 6th, 2008), Lillian (May 23rd, 2012), and Norah (July 25th, 2018).

Brandy & Jeremy’s partnership began after meeting at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, in the fall of 2004. Shortly after that date, Brandy and Jeremy began dating; They were determined to finish their respective educations, vowing to provide each other (and future family members) the best life possible.

This website serves as a memory book/journal/blog for future members of the Bergmann family to remember the activities of the Bergmann/Bose family while sharing their lives with their family and friends.

The website contains a “Memory Book” that summarizes each year in the Bergman family’s live, as captured on Facebook by Brandy Bergmann, from 2009-2022. Going forward, BergmannFamilyJournal.com will be maintained by Jeremy Bergmann, including documenting and blogging historical events in the Bergmann family’s life, along with updates on current events.

Thank you for your love, support, and friendship – I’m happy to share our lives, while keeping the memory of Brandy (Bose) Bergmann alive. -Jeremy Bergmann

“Not my monkey, not my circus.”

– Brandy (Bose) Bergmann